Memories... Like Mom Made!

Memories... Like Mom Made!
Out of dark moments, flowers grow.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Grapefruit Meringue Nests with Mixed Berries

I was looking through some cooking pictures from last month and my mouth watered when I landed on this one.

Are you drooling now too? I figured.

This delicious dish is called a Grapefruit Meringue Nest with Mixed Berries... The name is kind of a handful, but that is what Good Housekeeping named it when they featured it in their magazine last month. I made them and was completely impressed. A few things went a little wrong with mine, however. Like: I had to turn the oven off early because I had to leave the house, so they didn't quite dry out all the way and stuck to everything. Okay that was the only thing. The berries that we put on top were ridiculous. I am not kidding. They were down right ridiculously tasty. We had some leftover so I turned them in to berry shortcakes with the recipe I will post later.

But seriously, if you want a super impressive brunch or dessert item for your next gathering, try this. If the nests don't quite work out, just spoon up some berries on your favorite shortcakes, or use the recipe I am going to be posting shortly.

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