Memories... Like Mom Made!

Memories... Like Mom Made!
Out of dark moments, flowers grow.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Brisket and a Baby!!!

Yesterday was such an exciting day for my family and pretty much anyone who knows us well, because most people who know us know our good friend Gypsy, which means that they know that Gypsy had her baby last night!!!!


Well I had started dinner in the crock pot in the morning-ish, around the time that I heard that Gypsy was back in the hospital, but that they thought she was really in labor this time (yay!). So I figured a crock pot meal was definitely the best choice, that way if I had to scoot during dinner I wouldn't need to worry about it burning.

I salt and pepppered a 2-3 lb brisket, then browned it in a hot skillet with about 1/4 c olive oil. I made sure to cut off all the extra fat first, that way the meat gets all nice and browned and seals in those delicious juices.

Then I transfered the brisket to the crock pot and added a little more olive oil to the pan, along with a sliced onion and some garlic. I let the onion get nice and soft and then added some seasonings: thyme, bay leaves, a little bit of seasoned salt. Then I dumped some espresso that I brewed specifically for this, so it was nice and fresh. I don't know how much I used, Rachael Ray used like 3/4 c espresso and 1 cup water or something, but I did about 1-1/4 c espresso and about 1/2 c or so water. Add a little dash of soy sauce and some Worcestershire (trust me, sounds weird, but trust me... oh and no more than 1-2 T of each). Let the onions soak up the espresso and get soft, then dump everything on top of the brisket. Scoop the onions back on top of the brisket, cover, and cook on low for 8ish hours.

It was super delicious.

We had basil and garlicky green beans, and mashed sweet potatoes.

And about halfway through fixing the sides, I get a text telling me to head to the hospital because it would be a good time for me to go. Now, this is about 7:15 when I get this call... By the time I finished up dinner, changed and bathed the baby and laid him down, grabbed my bag and headed out the door, it was about 8:35... So I pull into the parking lot a few minutes later and try to call, to no avail...

I walk upstairs into the maternity wing and what do I hear: a sweet, newborn baby cry. I looked at a nurse and asked if that was Gypsy's baby, and she smiled the biggest smile and said that he was born barely a MINUTE before I walked off the elevator!

I immediately started getting all weepy and smiley and jumpy and went and sat in the waiting room like the dad's used to in the olden days... (Isn't this silly: I am not even blood related and I am falling all over myself!!!!) They called me in to see the mama and baby and I couldn't believe how gorgeous she looked, or how healthy the baby looked! He has the most gorgeous color and chubby cheeks, red hair like his big brother, and the cutest little nose you could ever see! He has the grip of a gladiator and the appetite of a teenage boy!!!! Gypsy and Josh are truly blessed with their bundle of joy!!!

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