Memories... Like Mom Made!

Memories... Like Mom Made!
Out of dark moments, flowers grow.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

To cut or not to cut...

That is the question...

pertaining to my hair, of course.

So I have VERY long dark hair... And I generally like it long, but summer is coming and it gets close to 115 degrees out here, so I am thinking that my hair is going to be more damaged than anything when I get done with it by the time fall comes, what with piling on top of my head in ponytails and all the sweat and nastiness... It makes me shudder..

Anyway so I can't decide if I should cut it short again. I had short hair before and some people said they loved it, but it was just so... normal. I want to do something edgy and chic that I have never had before. Like a bob or something.

Okay so now let me post a couple pictures of me with different hair styles... Then I will post the one I am considering, and then you can all weigh in.

This is one where I had medium length hair (and it was a lighter brown, which I think is where my hair belongs as far as color goes). And it was also during my modeling days so I have fond memories of this hair style...

This is when my hair was short and black and I dyed and cut it out of a desperate need for change... I had virtually no modeling jobs or photo shoots with this hair cut, and I didn't win any of my pageants (if I was even in any at this time). I think this particular hair cut is bad news for me. But if I go short I think I would go shorter and lighter... and I want bangs... I think... but will my face look too fat?

Okay this next one PLEASE ignore the outfit... I was in college and it was for a themed party.. and this theme was basically a redneck/white trash party... So I rolled with it... don't know why I am wearing one of my pageant sashes but I am lucky I didn't lose my title for that one! Okay so I think this is when this haircut looked the best on me - the black got dyed to a dark brown with caramel highlights, and the length was a little less severe... And heck I was tan as freaking leather! (I had no better comparison...)

Okay and this is how it is now... I hardly ever wear it down, which is a problem. I want to wear it down, but I get frustrated with it and end up putting it up. It is past the middle of my back and if I chop it all off I can donate to a place that turns human hair into wigs for children with cancer. I would have just said locks of love, but they only accept non dyed hair.. some places take dyed hair, I need to find one of those places.

Here the hair is longer with bangs...

Bangs again... but the downside is that they blow everywhere... ugh...

Okay so here is the haircut I want... Check out this girl's AMAZING blog and look at her haircut (she is the one in all of the pictures). I really don't think I have the ability to pull this off.. Tell me what you think.

or this one... from yet another beautiful girl's blog...

Do you think I could rock a haircut like this? And do you agree that the dark brown suits me best? Do you have any other idea of what would look good on me?



  1. I am thinking a little shorter at a time as to not shock yourself. I will be cutting my hair shortly too.

  2. Ok, Mz. Virginia (I know, I know - it's Mrs. now, lol). Your long hair is beautiful, but I understand your need for change. I absolutely think you can rock a much shorter cut. And hey, it's just hair -- it you don't like it, it will definitely grow back! I, personally, think you should go for longer (wispy?) bangs, that could be pulled back with a cute barette or a headband for those times you don't want them in your face. I like the slightly color on you (like when we first met - carmelly, honey, whatever color that was - but you can definitely 'rock' the darker color; it looks very dramatic on you.

    I just love your blog! I makes me laugh every time because I can hear you talking in my head in that cute nasaly voice that you have (compliment, my dear!). Glad you are so happy! And you have a beautiful baby.

    take care, sweets!