Memories... Like Mom Made!

Memories... Like Mom Made!
Out of dark moments, flowers grow.

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Purging of the Fridge

So today I have gone through my bimonthly ritual of settling on the couch with a pen, paper, and about a gagillion coupons. Seriously though, I probably went through about 200... not even exaggerating a little bit. Not at all.

As I go through the coupons (most of which get tossed aside due to limited products in the commissary, expiration, or the fact that we don't eat much in the way of processed food) I plan what we will be eating for the week. I try and think up new and exciting things, and jot down my grocery list while I go... I have discovered that I HAVE to have a grocery list for two reasons:

1. Because I am FORGETFUL... And I really get sick of making 5 or so trips to the commissary for things I have forgotten... hence: grocery list

2. When I don't have a list or a meal plan, I just start going wild grabbing things off the shelves and convincing myself that I need a huge thing of laundry detergent or fancy little bottles of olives... Stupid sale signs throw me off. I need FOCUS... If I focus, I can block out all the gimmicks set out to trap people like me.

3. Lists save money. Proven fact people... Okay I am not sure exactly how "proven" it is... but for me, it is a fact. I spend far less when I have a specific list. See #2... focus....

4. Because I like to check things off. It makes me feel like I have accomplished something.

5. Because like I have already said... I am forgetful. I will probably buy half the things we already have because I forgot that we had them...

Okay so that was more than two reasons. What can I say? I like making lists.

So the other thing that I am doing while sorting coupons, writing my list, and planning exciting yummilicious meals for us to eat is:

Avoiding the next step.

Cleaning out the refrigerator and taking inventory to avoid the above #5.

So I am sure we all dread this inevitable chore... No one gets excited about dumping out rotten food and gagging into the garbage disposal (sorry if that last line made you gag). But every time I finish I feel refreshed, I feel cleansed, I feel... depressed at how much food we actually waste. It is disgusting.

So today I decided to break the cycle.

I did more than just do the usual inventory of "milk, eggs, butter, cheese, condiments... check!" This time I did a row by row, shelf by shelf, drawer by drawer inventory of every single thing we have in our refrigerator. It is a very, very long list. I never realized how many different types of mustard, jelly, barbecue sauce, or hot sauce one family could own...

Let me digress for a minute and talk about the responsibility of this task... It automatically falls to me for multiple reasons that some may find a little outdated:

1. I am the one who cooks. Therefore I must have an idea of what goes on in the refrigerator.

2. I am a woman...

3. I am a woman who is also a housewife...

4. I am a woman who is also a housewife and stay at home mother, who currently is not working...

Now if any of you female stay at home mother/housewives are reading this and saying "my husband does this for me all the time!"... You disgust me. Okay, not you exactly, but the privilege with which you are bestowed. I hope you appreciate it. I hope you give your husband a big fat kiss and tell him what a rarity he is.

My husband is NOT one of those husbands. God Bless him (really, God bless him... I am not meaning to be sacrilegious in any way), he does do one thing relating to the Fridge for me... He cleans and organizes the freezer. In fact, he actually makes a point to comment on the status of organization in the freezer. If it starts to go south a little from my constant rummaging, he points out that I am being too reckless... Gotta love him! And I do. ;) I have long since accepted the fact that I will always be the one to clean out the fridge, and he the freezer. This is probably because he knows that the likelihood of him running into rotten food is slim to none... Lucky.

So anyway, back on point... where was I?

Oh yes! My list! Let me just say that I highly recommend this to anyone who thinks they keep spending too much on their groceries and yet feel like they "don't have anything" in their fridge. You probably do. And then you will probably see a few things that stick out like lemons, onions, pork chops, cream, and leeks and then create an inspired idea for dinner. And then everyone will be happy.

And your husband will come into the kitchen, give you a big fat kiss, and tell you how much of a rarity you are and how much he appreciates you.

Darn it I am lucky.


  1. If you have an Iphone or an Ipod Touch...or any phone that has apps there are grocery applications where you can scan barcodes into your grocery list. I'm hoping this will also help me with being able to going from one end to the other without going back and forth fifty eleven times. I'm notorious for making a list that isn't organized in any shape or fashion and then confusing the heck out of myself in the store :/

    My hubby loves to grocery shop and I hate it because I don't feel he does it right. He also likes to go as a family and I would prefer that grocery shopping be part of my me time. I recently banned him from the grocery store though because I sent him to get one box of cereal and he came home asking me to help him get groceries out of the car (I had just went the day before).

    ♥ SailorWifey

  2. Haha I love that about the unorganized list! I am actually the girl that makes her list go through the store in order... It helps me out so much!!!

    We are super excited about the case lot sale today, and I will probably take a picture of our haul to show everyone what I got!!! I love sales!!!!