Memories... Like Mom Made!

Memories... Like Mom Made!
Out of dark moments, flowers grow.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chicken and Dumplings in the Crock Pot!!!

So last night I threw a pack of chicken (we always buy chicken breasts in bulk and then, using our food saver system, split the chicken breasts into different portion sizes- 1 lb, 2 lb, 2 breasts, etc, -for us to use in meals) into the fridge to thaw for me to use in the crock pot this morning... Well when I went to slice the meat for the chicken and dumplings, it was still pretty frozen... This makes for VERY easy slicing... So, word to the wise, slice your chicken while it is still frozen!!! Same goes for beef and other meats that you need to cut up. Another bonus: no icky juicy mess is left behind. Still be sure to wipe down all surfaces on which raw chicken has been thoroughly, but at least you won't get chicken goop everywhere.

Okay so to make chicken and dumplings in your crock pot:

Cut about 2 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breasts into 3 inch strips, then toss them into your crock pot. Dump 1 can of cream of chicken soup on top: I use reduced sodium, but use whatever you have on hand. Add 3-4 cups of chicken stock. Add 3 large sliced carrots (I use my food processor slicer blade... so fast!). If your chicken is not fully covered by the stock and soup mixture, add some water to make it cover... I even mixed some chicken base in with the water so that it wouldn't water down the flavor, but just go with your gut on this. Next, sprinkle it with oregano and basil and stir it all up really well. Then toss a bay leaf or two in there.

Cover and set on high for 6 hours, or low for 8-10 if you have that much time... I didn't...

Now you may be wondering where the dumplings factor in here... You will make them later...

Okay so when you have about 45 minutes left before dinner, get into the kitchen and start a pot of water on the stove and bring it to a boil... Meanwhile sprinkle about 2 cups of flour into a bowl... Using a fork or a pastry cutter, cut in 5 tablespoons butter until you get a cornmeal like consistency. Add an egg, 1/2 milk, and some salt. Mix it into a workable ball (adding flour or water as needed) and roll it out on your counter...Cut your dumplings into whatever shape you desire: strips, squares, triangles, circles... Now drop your dumplings one by one into your pot of boiling water. Let them boil for just a few minutes and then carefully drain the pot, or lift the dumplings out one by one with a slotted spoon and add to your crock pot. Now you should have about 15 minutes left before dinner... Let the dumplings finish in the crock pot with the rest of the food, and then enjoy!

Variations on this dumpling recipe is to use a can of refrigerated biscuits and tear them into dumpling sized pieces and drop them in the pot, or make a dumpling mix with just an egg and some flour... You can also make dumplings using Bisquick or Jiffy Mix and some milk and an egg... Just do whatever works for you. I had originally posted my husband's grandma's dumpling recipe, but after making it again tonight and not being happy with it (sometimes it is great and others not so good), I decided that the other ways are the way to go!

Oh, I usually add a cup or two of frozen peas at the 45 minutes left mark too...

Happy eating!


  1. sounds really yummy!! i want some! Is there anything you can use other than shortening cause i have never bought shortening.

  2. yes: you can use tons of things! you can make a dumpling dough using flour and an egg, or you can use boxed baking mix like hungry jack or bisquick, or you can use a can of biscuits and drop them in boiling water one by one (or tear them into two)... dumplings are super super versatile! I just make them this way because it is how Donovan's mom and grandma make them and he likes them this way!!!