Memories... Like Mom Made!

Memories... Like Mom Made!
Out of dark moments, flowers grow.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flavored Butters

So this is pretty much the most simple thing that anyone, anywhere, could ever write an entry about...

Which means it is perfect for me on a day where I feel awful and my brain is functioning about on the level of my 1 year old son... (would be lower than that but I at least have to much wits with the Kiddo).

So one of my favorite things to offer guests when I serve bread, rolls, sweet breads, muffins, etc., is flavored butter.

Are you rolling your eyes yet? Okay well stop that. Seriously, you probably are thinking "yeah yeah, that is easy enough", but have you ever done it? If you have, then you are exempt from the explanation part of the recipe, but at least look at the different combo ideas and things that I have tried... Then resume eye rolling.

So this is how easy peasy this is:

Lug out your magic bullet (my favorite kitchen tool, or at least pretty high up there), food processor, or blender... Or, if you are really ill-equipped and have none of these things, grab a fork and roll up your sleeves!

Set a stick of butter on the counter about 30 minutes before you plan on making this so it can get soft, but not melty. (margarine will work fine, but butter tastes so good...!!)

Choose what type of butter you want to make and add those ingredients to your blender container, along with the butter which you have cut into tablespoon or smaller sized pieces.

Turn on blending device.... Blend until smooth... Remove from blender and scoop into a serving dish (I always try and round mine out like a ball to make them pretty) and chill until ready to use.

How hard was that?!?! Not hard at all, I know... (I saw you roll your eyes just then...!)

Types of Flavored Butter:

Maple - add a generous amount of maple syrup (about 1-2 T, then add to taste)
Honey - same as above but using honey
Southern Style Honey Butter - same as above but add 2 T sweetened condensed milk and extra honey to taste
Almond - add a few drops of almond extract and a couple crushed slivered almonds to taste
Vanilla Honey - add a few drops of vanilla and 1-2 T honey plus extra to taste
Orange - add a drop or two of orange extract and some orange zest
Orange Honey - add a drop or two of orange extract, some orange zest, and 1-2 T of honey
Lemon Butter - add a drop or two of lemon extract (don't over do it, lemon is strong), and some lemon zest
Lemon Herb - make lemon butter but add italian seasoning and garlic, this is delicious on light dishes, like on top of asparagus or chicken
Italian Herb - add a generous sprinkling of italian seasoning and some garlic powder if desired (don't use garlic salt, butter has plenty of salt if you are using salted butter)
Rosemary - crush some rosemary with a mortar and pestle until fine and add a generous amount, or for a butter with some texture, leave it coarse
Basil - add a generous amount of dried basil
Garden Herb - add favorite herbs like dill, thyme, a little celery salt, and any favorite herb for a perfect addition to any spring time meal
Pumpkin Honey Butter - sprinkle in some pumpkin pie spice, 1/4 c honey, and about 1/4 c canned pumpkin puree

These are only just a few options for flavored butter... You can get as creative or simple as you would like.

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