Memories... Like Mom Made!

Memories... Like Mom Made!
Out of dark moments, flowers grow.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Leila's Balloons

Ever since Leila's funeral, every month on her birthday and angel day we have sent balloons up to her. It makes Landon happy, and we like to watch them float away "up" to her...

It's like a metaphor for bridging the gap between Heaven and earth.

I know it isn't truly possible, but in my dreams I like to imagine her playing with the balloons, running through Heaven with the white strings held tightly in her hands and the pink balloons bouncing behind her.

Today Leila has been in Heaven for five months.

Five months.

An impossible lump in my throat is forming as I think about what could have been:

How big she might be if she were still alive. How she would be smiling and laughing, maybe even rolling over.

How proud her big brother would be.

But instead, I write this post. I talk about sending balloons up to my precious daughter, which I can't even do this time because I am stuck at home without a vehicle and no way to go get them.

So I guess Landon and I will go outside and blow bubbles for her.

It's sort of the same, right?

So my request to you is this:

Take your children outside this week and play. Let their laughter and joyous little shouts float up to Leila. Think of Leila, and all the other baby angels in Heaven. If you pray, say a prayer as you watch your children bask in the sunshine.

And if you happen to see a pink balloon in a store and want to send her one: please take a picture to share with me, or on your own blog and link me to it.

Thank you.

Virginia, Donovan, and Landon.

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