Memories... Like Mom Made!

Memories... Like Mom Made!
Out of dark moments, flowers grow.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year: New Blog... Sort of...

Welcome to a New Year! I hope that the New Year found all of you well and of course, well fed! So since this is a "New Year" post, obviously I am going to tell you my New Year's Resolution... Duh!

Well it's very simple.

Sort of.

Ok, honestly, it's a bit complicated. The simple part is that my (blog related) resolution is to be a more active contributor to my blog. I have been told so many stories from readers of my blog about how they use my recipes and check my blog often and want to know when I will be posting more... Some of my readers told me that they are trying to become better cooks or learning how to cook and that my blog was the place they turned to first. What an honor to be considered a valuable resource! Out of all the amazing writers and food wizards available on the web, you choose to read my simple little blog? Well then, I had better not disappoint! So because of you, my wonderful readers, I pledge to myself and to you to participate more fully on this blog.

Ok now that wasn't so complicated, right? Well, I guess it really wasn't THAT complicated, but the truth of the matter is, if it was just that simple for me to be a more active blogger, I would have already done it, right? Right. So therefore something must have happened in my life to give me all this newfound free time to think up and cook and write down new recipes, right?


As of yesterday, I am officially "unemployed". Most of you know (large part in thanks to all of my bizarre cravings and recipes as result of those cravings) that I am pregnant. What many of you do not know is that this pregnancy has been very difficult on my body. As a result of this, my doctor has placed me on bed rest at only 22 weeks pregnant. Hence: FREE TIME!

So there you have it: a New Year's Resolution that I should *hopefully* be able to follow...

Well that is, of course, until our little baby girl decides to make her appearance! Yes that's right! We are having a girl!

But until then, I will be here, and as always, I will be making lots of great things to eat! And now, thanks to my stubborn daughter, I will actually have the time to share those amazing bites with all of you!

I hope you are as excited for 2011 as I am!

Eat Happy!

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